About Brent


I’m happy that you’re here today, because today is the day that things start to get better.  I know that there are times in your life that things start to feel like its a little too much.


I’ve helped many people just like you:

  • Rediscover their dreams, empowering you to access them.

  • Rekindle a loving relationship made stronger and more sincere by your challenges

  • Learn to welcome life’s challenges with strength and grace. 

  • Process your grief in a way that makes sense to you.

  • Heal old wounds and realize a healthy, actualized life. 


Why I choose to focus on families and relationships:

My specialty is in the support of individuals, children and families working to heal and restore themselves and in turn their relationships.  Once we recognize that our problems are a part of a reflex response to protect ourselves, we begin to look at our relational challenges in a new way. 

We all have a need to be seen, heard and valued by the people in our lives.  I am deeply committed to helping you listen differently so that you can recognize that value.  I help you find your voice so that you can be heard and understood and I help you find a different relationship with your doubt so that it doesn’t cripple you with shame. 

Entering into counseling takes courage. The desire of my heart is to help courageous people resolve conflicts through honest dialogue and interaction. When courage, truth and willing hearts come together, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome.