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4 Days to a New Relationship

Can a marriage really change in four days?  The answer is YES. Whether your relationship needs to be rescued from desperate trouble or simply could improve from good to great, change is possible. Almost every marital conflict comes from the same place: a pattern of emotional pain buried deep within every couple. When couples recognize this cycle, then learn to replace it with more affirming patterns, the results are staggering. Tired, predictable arguments transform into life-giving interactions. Relationships are changed forever. We draw from broad counseling experiences, current mindfulness studies, and recent advances in brain research—along with case examples and practical exercises to refresh and heal even the most problematic marriages. A better marriage is possible. A lifetime of joy is just four days away.  


Our 4 Days to a New Relationship program is a 4 day intensive done in a single couple or 4-couple group therapy format that spans a 3-4 day period, condensing weeks of therapy into just a few days.  This is an efficient alternative to weekly therapy spent over a weekend. 

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