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Our Services

 Individual Counseling

Many of us are struggling with challenges that we can't seem to get a handle on.  Whether its anxiety, depression or a relational problem that won't go away.  I can help you work through your struggle and find a peace and resolve to take the next step.  

Couples Counseling

In a marriage we are here to fulfill each others lives intimately.  Sometimes we forget the wonder of our partner and need a little help.  I am convinced that Love and Trustworthiness are the twin pillars of relationship.  These are not only relational resources that promote giving but also an essential nature that shapes us as individuals.  These two elements are sufficient and necessary as the organizing principle around which we can understand our individual and relational health and dysfunction. 

Child/Adolescent Counseling

Have you found yourself where things are feeling more and more difficult to manage.  Your relationship with your child is suffering, they are upset with you often, and you just can’t figure out how to talk to each other.  Parenting is  complicated, emotional terrain with few road maps to guide you.

Many of the parents I have worked with feel worried and overwhelmed when they first picked up the phone, desperate to do anything that would help their child.

Having been trained specifically in  relationship therapy and leaning on 20 years of experience with kids with complex challenges, I have the skills to understand the dynamics at work in your family. I have helped thousands of families improve their relationships, repair past wounds, and create a more collaborative, trusting relationship with their kids.

Family Counseling

Family therapy  is a vast resource of healing and solutions. I will help you decode your child's behavior and interpret their underlying emotions.  I will teach you the skills needed to connect specifically with your child's emotions, collaborate with them more effectively, and still set healthy boundaries when needed (which is often!).

We will use a combination of individual, parenting, and family sessions to effectively meet your needs.

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